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ray hartjen

Stage Manager

Ray Hartjen serves the Garage Band Academy and its community of students as a stage manager during recitals, open houses and performances, as well as a student counselor on live performance and band marketing and merchandising. A lifelong fan of music and guitar, Ray’s earliest musical influence was, like many, Elvis. Searching for a true guitar hero, Ray found his North Star influence in the late 70’s when Van Halen broke onto the scene featuring the trademark “brown sound” six-string stylings of Eddie Van Halen. Most recently, Ray finds inspiration in the new breed of country singers, guitarists and songwriters making so much good genre-bending music coming out of Nashville.

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Ray continues to sharpen his skills and break through plateaus by taking lessons at the Garage Band Academy and networking with its community of students, colleagues, friends and parents. Additionally, Ray is the co-founder (when you’re a two-piece, both members are co-founders) and lead guitarist of the Chronic Padres, a Bay Area band featuring stripped down versions of timeless – and maybe not so timeless – rock, pop and country tunes. You can keep up with the exploits of Ray and the Chronic Padres on Instagram and Facebook, as well as at www.chronicpadres.com.

Ray’s motto: #musicismedicine