There is no limit or end goal on that path to true mastery of your craft.

Metal for the masses

Justin Sakogawa is a self taught guitarist that has been playing guitar since 2003, teaching since 2005, and has been with the Garage Band Academy since 2009 .

Justin is the leader and founder of bay area metal act Warscythe and the lead guitar player of Splattered. He has toured internationally in Europe, Asia, West Coast and is active in the Bay Area metal community.



Warscythe: 2008-present

Splattered: Splattered 2016-present

Voice of the Soul: Death Tribute Band



VILE: 2013

Kinnefret 2013-2015

Hatriot 2015-2017

From Hell: 2016

elemental fusion.jpg


-Warscythe: Demo 2008
-Warscythe: Elemental Fusion EP 2009
-Invection: Facet of Aberration (Lead guitars) 2010
-Earth Rot: Lead guitar on
-Worldwide Slamicide: Compilation EP