Grant sherrod

Guitar & Band Class Instructor

Grant continues his musical life because it’s a journey of endless discovery. He’s practiced guitar for 14 years, and he continues to return to the fundamental principle of guitar knowledge: chords and scales. “Guitar playing involves dexterity and muting; music is rhythm and melody. I’ve been in between those two points ever since I picked up the guitar.”

Grant’s classes focus on songwriting and music philosophy, and he likes to share his online practice media with his students. “I teach at the Garage band Academy because I have the freedom to share my best experiences with students. We have the support here to launch our own programs that we believe improve the musicality, motivation, and happiness of our students.”

Grant 3.jpg

Grant believes that a true teacher “teaches what they actually do every day.” He inspires his students to learn positive musical habits, which he himself has practiced over many years. Grant gets enthused about sharing his love for creating music, music culture, and passionately listening to music every day.

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