What IS the Garage Band Academy?
We are a music school that focuses on everything Rock related. Private lessons, group/band classes, recording, and special events such as birthday parties.

What instruments do you teach?
Guitar, bass, drums, vocals, and piano.

How do I sign up?
Send us an email or drop us a line. We will get in touch with you and assess where a good fit would be with one of our instructors and/or band classes.

Is the GBA a good fit for me?
The GBA is for players of all ages. If you’re looking to learn from scratch or brush up on your chops there’s something here for everyone.

 How do i make up a missed lesson or class?
Make up lessons are not guaranteed and depends on your instructors availability.

Where are you located?
Pleasanton, CA

Are your lessons and classes for all ages?
We offer lessons to players of all ages and skill levels!